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Fallout 2024


The Angery American

Chris Weatherman

CHRIS WEATHERMAN, also known as ANGERY AMERICAN, is the author of 23 published works (and counting), including USA Today Best Sellers Forsaking Home and Resurrecting Home. His books include the Survivalist Series—a sensational hit that began with the Book 1, Going Home—and has now sold more than one million copies worldwide. 

In 2023, Chris started the Angery American Nation Podcast, addressing the issues affecting America today with humor, insight, and unabashed honesty. Covering a wide range of topics including politics, social issues, current events, survival, and self reliance, he challenges conventional wisdom and encourages listeners to question the status quo. The Angery American Nation Podcast aims to contribute to a more informed and engaged citizenry.

GODs Good Table

Maureen Diaz

We are Maureen and Erin, a mother/daughter duo who love the Lord and love His people!After watching family struggle with health issues and dealing with her own, Maureen knew there were answers beyond the advice conventional medicine gave.  She set out on a journey to learn and study traditional healing and cooking from every book she could get her hands on and every holistic practitioner she could find. She has been sharing what she has learned with her family, friends, and community for over 30 years!  Maureen has a passion for teaching, cooking, kayaking, showing immense love for all the people who join her at the kitchen table, and being an amazing wife and mother to 9 children.


seaux Larreau


Seaux Larreau has been a member of the Joel Hardin tracking program since 1993. Starting as a member of the Universal Tracking Services (UTS), he transferred over to the JHPTS program and incorporated the training into the 10th Group Special Forces Sniper program and other combat training. As an avid member of the JHPTS curriculum he quickly rose to instructor and military advisor position within the company Seaux used his contacts and reputation within the Special Operations Forces community to secure several courses for the Green Berets. After proving the techniques in combat, MSG Larreau implemented the JHPTS method into other advanced combat skills to include Sensitive Site Exploitation, Counter IED Operations, Counter sniper missions and Military K-9 teams. Acquainted with all US Army attempts at creating a visual tracker school, MSG Larreau has always advocated the step by step method of JHPTS as a foundation to successful military combat skills. During his time off and leave, Seaux Larreau also participated in JHPTS Track Aware and Search and Rescue tracking courses. He participated in the classes all across the United States and Canada. Because of his reputation among SAR and Law Enforcement, he was called in on several actual missing person and crime scene investigations. His steadfast methods and conclusions only helped to solidify the proven techniques of the JHPTS program. Seaux has been featured in books and articles for the expertise he exhibited during some of these incidents.In addition to instructing, Seaux Larreau has been instrumental in revising military manuals and publications concerning tracking and counter-tracking. Many of the instructions printed in older Field Manuals have been disproven by members of the Special Operations Command utilizing the JHPTS methodology. During his last assignment at the 1st Special Forces Command, MSG Larreau emphasized the need for training of individuals over purchasing expensive gadgets that virtually do the same thing as an experienced tracker. Recognized for his expertise, he has testified and demonstrated at several conferences and think tanks focused on the future war fighter on the United States. Seaux Larreau has retired from the US Army in the summer of 2016 after 28 years of combined active duty.Man Tracking- Basic FundamentalsTactical Rifleman Classes

Pineland Resources

Charlie Williams

SFC Charles Williams Retired, US Army Special Forces

As a Special Forces Engineer and Assistant Operations and Intelligence NCO in the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Charles served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as well as many CONUS and OCONUS exercises such as Bright Star 83,85, and 87 in Egypt and missions in Sudan, Jordan, Somalia, Kenya, and Panama. Charles also served as an Instructor in the Special Forces Qualification Course and wrote numerous articles on guerilla warfare operations to assist new cadre and auxiliary forces to better understand the varied missions conducted during Robin Sage. Charles has worked in Search and Rescue for North Carolina since the late 1980’s and has been instrumental in the development and distribution of training throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.

CEO of Pineland Resources Inc. Providing Instruction in:

Man Tracking – Basic Fundamentals as well as Tactical Tracking Operations for Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations.

Wilderness Search and Rescue and Search Management for North Carolina Emergency Management.

Wilderness Survival and Land Navigation Training.

Tactical Mobility Training on Motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, 4x4’s and Equine to Law Enforcement and Military.

Man Tracking- Basic Fundamentals

charles williams.jpg

Survival Gear BSO

Brain Loftus

Untitled design (5).png

Brian's passion for Preparedness began more than 15 years ago. He spent 9 years training at several survival schools across the United States and earning his first Instructor Certification in 2015. These schools ranged from Spartan Americana with Joseph Teti to Israeli Tactical School where he earned his instructor certificate in Counter Terror & Instructor CQB. He has also trained at the world-renowned Pathfinder School.

Brian has trained in environments from the Ozarks to the Appalachians and as far as the jungles of Nicaragua.

Starting his own survival gear store in 2016 and rebranded in 2020, Survival Gear: Bushcraft & Survival Outfitters was born. Brian's vision for Survival Gear BSO is to equip those interested in preparedness with the most reliable gear that can be found without breaking the bank. 

Brian will be teaching Bug out Bags and how to equip your bug out vehicle at Fallout 2024!

The Weed Doc

Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright

Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright, known as "The Weed Doc," is a naturopathic physician, author, and speaker specializing in herbal medicine. She promotes self-sufficiency through her homesteading and prepping activities. Her books include titles like "Survival Herbs for Beginners" and "Herbal Goat Care for Homesteaders." You can learn more about her work and farm life at, and on her YouTube channel:

Amanda will be teaching How to use Herbs Medicinally, Herbal Animal Care, and Top 10 Survival Herbs at Fallout! 

amanda 6.png

Revelation Survival

John Galloway

John Galloway

John Galloway of Revelation Survival has a diverse background, shaped by his upbringing with missionary parents across the U.S., from Northern California to North Carolina. His father instilled in him a strong foundation in wilderness and homesteading skills. After graduating high school, John served for a decade in the USMC, gaining valuable jungle survival skills while working with indigenous communities in the Philippines. Following his military service, he joined the Fayetteville (NC) Fire Department, where he worked as a medic, Rescue Technician, and HazMat Technician, retiring as a Captain in 2016.


Transitioning to a full-time career, John pursued his passion for homesteading and began teaching firearms training, specializing in long-range precision shooting. He also offers wilderness skills training, aiming to share the beauty of God’s creation and the tranquility found in nature. 

John will be demonstrating Primitive Skills at Fallout.

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