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at mountain readiness expo

The following intensives are optional workshops in addition to your general admission ticket.

Chicken processing  (12).png

Chicken Processing at Mountain Readiness 2.0

Chicken Processing with Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Mike Dickson the F.I.T. Farmer, Billy Bond of Perma Pastures Farm, and Chantal Mullen of the Farm and Forge. $125/ person

suture class.jpg

Suture, Stapling, Wound Closure Hands-On Class

Learn how to provide complete wound closure with Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Amy Alton's hands-on training using simulated tissue and equipment you get to take home, along with other gifted items.


Buckskin Medicine Bags with Mel of the Mountains

With Mel of the Mountains. Standard Admission to Mountain Readiness 2024 is required to attend this class. Payment directly to Mel is required for attendance. Choose your class time with your ticket to reserve your spot. Seats are limited!

carleigh basket.gif

Make a Basket with Kudzu Vines with Carleigh Fairchild

Join Carleigh for a 4-hour vine basket making class on Friday May 3 from 12-4pm that will ignite your creativity and immerse you in the world of natural crafts. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn the timeless art of weaving stunning baskets from natural vines.

ham ardio.jpg

HAM Radio Testing at Mountain Readiness

The Patriot VE Team will be providing free testing for your Amateur Radio license on Saturday at 9am. We will be offering all three levels of license; Technician, General and Amateur Extra. You can take one, two or even all three exams.


Creating Herb Infused Honey

Join us for an immersive class in the art of crafting herb-infused honey with Kaylee, the renowned artisan behind The Honeystead. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the ancient techniques of infusing honey with aromatic herbs, creating up to 4 unique blends that are both delicious and beneficial.

Modern Beer Brewery

Intro To Distilling

Discover the secrets of distillation and why it's an essential skill for the post-apocalyptic world in our exclusive class, "Unlock the Art of Distilling."

jacks tree medicine_edited.jpg

Extended Plant Walk

Modern pharmaceuticals are synthesized from sources all around us, plants. As we walk we will discuss how to turn our ground floor into our drug store as we find and forage our edible and medicinal needs. Students will walk away with the knowledge on how to easily identify various plants, their uses throughout time, health benefits and how to prepare them for treatments. 

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