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The FIT Farmer

Mike & Lacie Dickson

Mike Dickson (The Fit Farmer) and his wife, Lacie, sold almost everything they owned, left their 2600 sq ft house in the city, and started a new life in a 700 sq ft YURT in the country. They (and their three children) run a market garden on their homestead and share their journey on their YouTube channel, Farm F.I.T (Farmers In Training). Mike and Lacie both have backgrounds in the health and fitness industry. Mike is a former professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, Lacie is a former massage therapist. They are both passionate about living a healthy sustainable lifestyle, not just in taking care of the earth, but also by sustaining their bodies with healthful foods, and sustaining their relationships with each other, as they live life together.

Chicken Processing
How to Create a Homestead with Little to No Money

Daniel Salatin

Polyface Farm

Daniel Salatin grew up on Polyface Farms and absorbed his father’s agro-ecological practices through a lifetime of full-immersion participation. Daniel started his career early, carrying freshly processed chickens when he was in diapers, and by age 7 he’d started his first entrepreneurial venture: a pastured rabbit enterprise. That business is still continuing today, despite having the normal ups and downs, and it’s given him first hand experience with marketing, processing, research and development, and reinvestment of profits. Today Daniel spends his days running the day-to-day operations of Polyface Farms: orchestrating animal movement, scheduling daily tasks and overseeing apprentice training. He is married to Polyface marketing director Sheri Salatin and has two sons and one daughter.

Chicken Processing

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The Honeystead

Kaylee Richardson

In today's world the ability to stop and look at the beauty around you is often forgotten and sometimes people just need to see life a little differently.
There is a beautiful world out there is you -
Stop, Look around, Live simple, and take the back roads!!

The Survival Bee

Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

Doom and Bloom Medical

Joe Alton, M.D. is a retired but actively licensed M.D. He’s a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (Ret.), Life Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN and member of the Wilderness Medical Society. Amy Alton, A.P.R.N. is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.

Their mission: To put a medically prepared person in every family for any disaster.

Together, they’re the NY Times/Amazon best selling authors of three-time Book Excellence Award Winners and Amazon bestsellers in Survival Skills and Safety/First Aid  “The Survival Medicine Handbook, “Alton’s Antibiotics And Infectious Disease: The Layman’s Guide,” “Alton’s Pandemic Preparedness Guide,” and other books.

They’re well-known speakers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as contributors to several leading survival/homesteading magazines like Backwoods Survival Guide, Offgrid Recoil, Prepper’s Survival Guide, and Backwoods Home.

Hands-On Suturing

Survival Medicine

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The Farm & Forge

Chantal Mullen

Chantal has been Stewarding the soil and Teaching others since 2011. Her Experience Spans From Gardening to Farming! Chantal has designed, installed, and maintained edible landscapes, gardens, and this upcoming year, her second farm. From plants to animals, butchering to seed starting, she creates integrated systems that are truly sustainable and regenerative. Her hands on experience is backed by an education in Plant and Soil Science, Agriculture Education, and Sustainable Food Systems.
“There is Freedom, Satisfaction, and Reward in growing your own food. Not only monetarily, and healthwise, but also for the Soul.”- Chantal Mullen

Hands-On Hog Processing

Perma Pastures Farm

Billy Bond

Billy is a versatile professional with a unique blend of skills and experiences. Having served in the US Army as a skilled Sapper, Billy honed his problem-solving abilities and dedication to precision. Transitioning into the civilian world, he became a journeyman electrician and college graduate. 


 Beyond electrical work, Billy also possesses a surprising talent as a trained butcher, displaying a meticulous approach in this craft. His passion for regenerative living led him to explore permaculture design, contributing to the creation of ecologically balanced environments. But Billy's journey didn't stop there. He is also the co-author of Scrapsteading. 

As a content creator, Billy reaches a wide audience, through YouTube, and podcast mediums providing valuable tutorials, thought-provoking discussions, and innovative ideas. His dedication to sharing knowledge and skills has solidified him as a respected figure in multiple fields.

Installing a Tactical Food Forest

Chicken Processing

Hog Processing

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Seeds for Generations

Jason Matyas

Jason Matyas is a husband, father of seven, homesteader, lifelong gardener, 20-year Air Force veteran with 9 worldwide deployments including two tours in Afghanistan, and a visionary entrepreneur and public speaker. He is the founder of a family business with his children called Seeds for Generations that provides heirloom garden seeds and inspiration for gardening as a family. Jason is also the Executive Producer of the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, and founder of the Return to the Old Paths training media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you to reduce your dependence on the modern economy and seek true freedom by Returning to the Old Paths of productive households and local community interdependence. His latest effort is Get Ready to Thrive, which is focused on helping families increase their self-reliance through household productivity, preparedness, and family business.

Reduce Your Dependence
One Year of Food Production
Why Community is Crucial

Tactical Rifleman

Karl Erickson

Tactical Rifleman is the go-to destination for advice and tips for all things military, tactical, survival, driving and shooting related. This is not just a gun or shooting page; We will have subject matter experts across various different fields share expertise learned through years of military experience.

Tactical Rifleman is the go-to destination for advice and tips for all things military, tactical, survival, driving and shooting related. This is not just a gun or shooting page; We will have subject matter experts across various different fields share expertise learned through years of military experience. We will show you how the US military shoots, moves and communicates and how we use the latest and greatest equipment. We will show you that knowledge is the best tool for the job and knowledge is your best weapon.

Situational Awareness & Combat Mindset

How to Setup your Body Armor for your Situation

Women Only: AR-15

Battle Rifle Setup- Make it Work For you

Knife Fighting- Reverse Grip Techniques

Improve Your Dry Fire

Self Recovery: How to use a Vehicle Winch and High Lift Jack

karl erickson.jpg

The Angery American

Chris Weatherman

Bestselling Author of the Survivalist Series. ANGERY AMERICAN. Over 1M copies sold worldwide!

Black Armor Group

Byron Russell

Meet Byron, a retired Green Beret with extensive experience in tactical operations and a deep expertise in drone technology. In his upcoming 60-minute seminar, Byron will share his knowledge on drone defense, guiding you through the critical tactics for countering drone surveillance. Drawing on his rich military background and years of experience as a training manager for a leading drone robotics company, Byron will unpack the layers of passive and active defenses against drones. Attendees will emerge with practical skills and a nuanced understanding of how to detect and deter unwelcome drones from infringing on their privacy and safety.

Drone Defense

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Gods Good Table

Maureen Diaz

We are Maureen and Erin, a mother/daughter duo who love the Lord and love His people!

After watching family struggle with health issues and dealing with her own, Maureen knew there were answers beyond the advice conventional medicine gave.  She set out on a journey to learn and study traditional healing and cooking from every book she could get her hands on and every holistic practitioner she could find. She has been sharing what she has learned with her family, friends, and community for over 30 years!  Maureen has a passion for teaching, cooking, kayaking, showing immense love for all the people who join her at the kitchen table, and being an amazing wife and mother to 9 children. 

Fermenting Foods

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Human Performance Systems LLC

Troysgate is a unique facility and provide capabilities found at no other site in the United States. It is both a highly effective center for human testing in life and death situations and a laboratory that allows neuroscience instrumentation that provides insights into the neural underpinning of these highly stressful scenarios

Don't just settle for routine training;
elevate your readiness to unprecedented levels.

Activating the Survival Brain

Fortress K9

Joel Ryals

Major Joel Ryals is a veteran of the United States Army, serving over twelve years on active duty. He served as a Law Enforcement Commander and as the Training Officer for the Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC), Alaska. He deployed to Colombia, serving in the MIL Group at the Embassy in Bogota (2009). Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom (2007-2008) as the Police Operations Advisor and Executive Officer, his team conducted over 240+ combat missions through the streets of Baghdad. Serving in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan, 2003), he conducted 200+ combat missions, patrolling and perimeter security, special Forces escorts, detainee Operations and Quick Reaction Force Commander. His military experience has given him years of expertise in training for high threat situations.

For over 18 years Joel has trained, raised and bred working line German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. He strives to create and train the best dog available with a focus on physical health, mental capability, and solid, reliable nerves so that your Protection dog is ready to face any threat you may encounter. Joel is the owner/operator of Fortress K9 Kennels LLC and K9 Academy Online.

The Trained Protection Dog – A Prepper’s Best Friend And Best Security Asset

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Working Aussie Homestead

Josh & Jordyn Kelly

Working Aussies Homestead, operated by Josh and Jordyn Kelly, focuses not only on homesteading but also raising working and companion Australian Shepherds. With just over an acre, Jordyn trains and uses their dogs to help rotational graze livestock as well as aid in animal husbandry tasks. From chickens and turkeys to sheep and goats, although bred for and capable to handle cattle and even bison, their Australian Shepherds are great examples of the versatility and usefulness a good working dog can bring to the homestead. During their homesteading journey, working with a budget was a must-have and the Kelly's have helped teach and share budgeting tips for running a successful homestead over the past few years. Knowing the value and worth of every aspect of your homestead or farm is important when having limited funds but the desire to maximize your abilities for self-reliance. Join us for live demonstrations of their working dogs and for tips on knowing how to invest in self-reliance on a budget!

What's It Worth: Investing in Resilience

Herding Demonstrations

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Wildcard Wilderness

Jacks Genega

Jacks Genega is an avid adventurer and full-time van-lifer who travels across the country teaching various wilderness skills with a focus on tree medicine and camp craft. Her journey into exploring outdoor skills began when she encountered an earthquake, witnessed an avalanche, and fell into a crevasse on just day one of her solo hike across Iceland’s Landmannalauger region. It was then that she thought to herself, “I really need to amplify my survival skills.” She didn’t shy away from other solo travels across the UK and Europe having traversed some of the Alps’ highest peaks, glaciers and rivers while also studying bushcraft with Woodland Ways (UK) leading up to the completion of their Northern Forest Year, a year-long intensive in Scotland’s East Lothian region, home to the famous mountaineer, John Muir. She then carried her love for the craft back to the U.S. training with and working for various experts in the fields of emergency and wilderness survival. Jacks hopes to share her love of all things bushcraft and survival to not only help others develop a shared skill set, but to aid in a sense of resilience through self-reliance through her school and brand, Wildcard Wilderness. In the wilderness, one can encounter a wildcard situation albeit a storm, getting lost, wildlife encounters, etc; but with skills, wisdom and guts one can become the wildcard and overcome any situation against all odds.

Plant and Tree Medicine
Plants and Trees that Aid in Fire
Extended Plant Walk Workshop

Survival Homestead Teaching Farm

Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright

After graduating East Tennessee State University, I decided to enter a master and doctorate program of study in Public Health, followed by Natural Medicine. Once graduating as a naturopathic physician, I decided to hone my interests in iridology, muscle response testing, and herbalism.

Due to the chaotic shambles this county has become, my husband and I decided to become self-sufficient homesteaders. We preserve food though canning and fermentation, compost, grow gardens, seed save, harvest animals, milk goats, make soap and cheese, collect eggs, grow animal feed, make clothing and crochet/knit blankets, and obtain medicine from simple “weeds” in the backyard. We began a YouTube channel to document what we learn in hopes of helping others become more self-sufficient.  

I am also the author of ‘125 Survival Herbs for Beginners’ and ‘Boost your Lazy Immune System’. I am currently working on several other homestead/herbal books including a book on herbal animal care.  All the books can or will be available on Amazon.

I am also a speaker at Prepper Camp held in Saluda NC and the founder of a local group to teach homesteading skills.  I strive to create a community around my homestead where I learn skills from others while teaching the skills I have obtained. 

How to Use Herbs Medicinally

Herbal Animal Care

Top 10 Survival Herbs

amanda 6.png

Hakim Isler

The Black MacGyver

Hakim Isler (aka The Black MacGyver) is the nation's premier, professional African-American survival expert. He is most notably recognized for his appearances on Discovery Channel's Naked & Afraid, Naked & AfraId XL, FOX's Kicking & Screaming. A man of many skills, Hakim is a decorated combat war veteran, Ninja sixth degree black belt, certified close-protection specialist and professional self-defense & combat weapons instructor. A business owner, published author, motivational speaker, TV host/personality and inventor – holding several patents and trademarks – Hakim is constantly pushing the limits of achievement...

Understanding Psychological Warfare
Build a Quality Preparedness Group

Building Food Security

Lori Valone

Lori Valone is the author of Building Food Security: Canning, Dehydrating, and Freeze Drying.  With a focus preparing families for food supply disruptions from natural and man-made disasters, Lori Valone has spent ten years studying methods for gathering and preserving food. Utilizing canning, dehydrating and, most recently, freeze drying, she researches creative ways to add to the long term food supply for both her immediate and extended family. An avid mountain gardener, she combines home-grown and store-bought foods to extend family food security.

Taking a page from her career background in technical program and project management, Lori emphasizes the importance of taking time to plan rather than simply storing food.  Only with a plan can you know you are making progress your short-term and long-term goals and identify the gaps in your plan.  Lori serves as the coordinator for a local preparedness group in her western North Carolina community and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country.

Build your Food Security Plan in 4 easy steps

Store More for Less:  DIY Food Storage Alternatives

What’s your Time to Primitive?

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Grass Roots North Carolina

Paul Valone

Becoming politically active in 1994, Paul Valone founded and continues to direct two political non-profit organizations, serves as president of a third, and has created numerous political action committees. Beyond legislative activities, he continues freelance writing, hosts the show “Guns, Politics and Freedom,” and has been interviewed and quoted by dozens of newspapers, and radio and television stations. Drawing on 28 years of grassroots leadership, Valone wrote Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism as a tactical guide for defeating leftism in both politics and daily life.

As a Second Amendment advocate and firearms instructor who has been certified by the NRA and the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, a deputized Federal Flight Deck Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, and a United States Practical Shooting Association competitor who has completed twenty-eight advanced defensive firearms courses and certifications, Valone knows firearms and laws governing self-defense.

Gun Laws for Preppers: Getting Ready, Not ArrestedWin against ‘Woke’: Defeating Leftism in Daily Life

Gemini Survival School

Wanda Priday

Wanda L. Priday grew up romping the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and comes from a line of outdoorsmen and woman that lived a subsistence lifestyle. Coming up in a family that gardened and canned, raised chickens, hogs and cows, hunted, fished, trapped and foraged for everyday provisions is the base she continues to grow from. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, gardening, studying wilderness medicine and practicing primitive living skills. Wanda studied Anthropology at George Mason University, which included time at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia travelling the outback studying modern and indigenous cultures. She is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry and owns and operates EcoCleaning LLC in her hometown Blacksburg, VA. In mid-2020 Wanda completed and self-published Survival Tips, Tricks and Traps she co-wrote with her late husband William Priday. In 2022, she began to breathe life into Gemini Survival School. Her love for teaching survival and self-reliance stems from her desire to share knowledge with others and continue to learn herself. “There’s a confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing how to care for your family and others in the outdoors, in emergency scenarios and long term in a grid down or WROL situation,” she says. She loves using the knowledge and technologies that have been used for thousands of years to connect with nature and all the ways it can provide for us. Wanda offers co-ed and women’s workshops and lectures thru the school and various expos and gatherings. “There’s so many skills that comprise what it takes to not just survive but thrive and an endless amount of information available. I hope to see you along the path that returns us to self-reliance and community."

AtlAtl Make & Take Workshop

Women's Practical Survival Workshop

Gold Prospecting & Mining

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Fortune Favors the Prepared

Nick Meacher

Nick has over 30-years experience in emergency response as a responder and in disaster and emergency planning and training.  He has spent hundreds of hours learning, and then teaching others how to develop a hazard a threat assessment and then create plans to respond to those hazards in a practical way.  As the saying goes, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and he develops exercises to test, and then improve those plans.  If you do not know your enemy, the threats and hazards around you, you have lost the battle. 
Nick teaches the national communications technician, communications unit leader and auxiliary communications courses and runs a ham radio testing team which conducts 5 test sessions a month.  He also develops continuity plans to keep critical infrastructure and essential functions operating during disasters and emergencies.

Most people put off the task of creating a plan because it can be daunting, however Nick has developed workbooks to step you through the process of creating your own family emergency plan as well as conducting your threat and hazard assessment.  He has written hundreds of articles on many aspects of preparedness, from the basics of starting a food storage program, developing a communications plan for your family and how to reduce the amount of information that you allow others to find about you and your family.  His mindmaps give you visual reminders on all aspects of preparedness, from a master plan, preparedness conditions and triggers, to contents for a get home bag.

Ham Radio Testing
Personal Preparedness Assessment
Developing Your Communications Plan
Family Emergency Plan Workshop


Rod “Seaux” Larreau

Seaux Larreau has been a member of the Joel Hardin tracking program since 1993. Starting as a member of the Universal Tracking Services (UTS), he transferred over to the JHPTS program and incorporated the training into the 10th Group Special Forces Sniper program and other combat training. As an avid member of the JHPTS curriculum he quickly rose to instructor and military advisor position within the company Seaux used his contacts and reputation within the Special Operations Forces community to secure several courses for the Green Berets. After proving the techniques in combat, MSG Larreau implemented the JHPTS method into other advanced combat skills to include Sensitive Site Exploitation, Counter IED Operations, Counter sniper missions and Military K-9 teams. Acquainted with all US Army attempts at creating a visual tracker school, MSG Larreau has always advocated the step by step method of JHPTS as a foundation to successful military combat skills.
During his time off and leave, Seaux Larreau also participated in JHPTS Track Aware and Search and Rescue tracking courses. He participated in the classes all across the United States and Canada. Because of his reputation among SAR and Law Enforcement, he was called in on several actual missing person and crime scene investigations. His steadfast methods and conclusions only helped to solidify the proven techniques of the JHPTS program. Seaux has been featured in books and articles for the expertise he exhibited during some of these incidents.
In addition to instructing, Seaux Larreau has been instrumental in revising military manuals and publications concerning tracking and counter-tracking. Many of the instructions printed in older Field Manuals have been disproven by members of the Special Operations Command utilizing the JHPTS methodology. During his last assignment at the 1st Special Forces Command, MSG Larreau emphasized the need for training of individuals over purchasing expensive gadgets that virtually do the same thing as an experienced tracker. Recognized for his expertise, he has testified and demonstrated at several conferences and think tanks focused on the future war fighter on the United States. Seaux Larreau has retired from the US Army in the summer of 2016 after 28 years of combined active duty.

Man Tracking- Basic Fundamentals
Tactical Rifleman Classes


Forrest Garvin

Forrest Garvin is the “Prepper’s Prepper” and has served the survival industry for over 20 years as an instructor, consultant, CEO of Sun Ovens International, and the founder of the nationwide organization PrepperNet. Having served as a US Air Force NCO with the 317 MAC and JSOC SOLL II out of Pope Air Force Base, Forrest leveraged his military experience into a technology and security position for the Strategic Technology Group for NationsBank and Bank of America. He then created several technology startups and an incubator space that led to many successes.

Forrest has studied, trained, practiced, and often instructs various preparedness skills. He is an NRA instructor, HAM General license holder and operator, and Krav Maga apprentice instructor. He is the owner of Greyman Protection LLC and the owner/lead instructor of Carolina Survival & Preparedness Academy in Charlotte, NC. He is widely known as the host of the “Prepping Academy” podcast, where he interviewed some of the most well-known contributors to modern prepping.

Forrest also shares with the community through his three books: “The Preparedness Roadmap,” “The Case for Christian Preparedness: Faith and Prepping for Survival (Christian Prepper Series Book 1),” and “Stand Firm to the End (Christian Prepper Series Book 2).”

Finally, Forrest founded the Carolina Preppers Network and worked to grow it into the national group PrepperNet. PrepperNet is dedicated to providing a platform for preppers to connect and form mutual assistance groups under skilled leaders PrepperNet has provided the training and tools needed for success. PrepperNet currently has 100,000 members across the world and is growing.

Forrest lives in North Carolina, dedicating his life to his family, Christian fellowship, and preparing others for the end of the world.

Survival Groups

Every Prepper Needs a Home-Based Business


Jay Leeper

In the vast landscape of radio communication, our protagonist, Jay Leeper emerged as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the airwaves. The journey began in 1973 with the Citizens Band, a time when the crackle of radio waves was the heartbeat of connection. With each passing era, they seamlessly transitioned, embracing the FRS in 2009, ham radio in 2013, and navigating the uncharted waters of MURS in 2020.

The pinnacle of recognition arrived in 2018 when Jay was crowned Radio Operator of the Year, a testament to his dedication and excellence in the field. As an ARRL registered instructor and volunteer examiner, Jay not only practiced the art of radio but became an influential guide for others seeking to unlock the mysteries of the airwaves.

With an Extra operator's license, Jay's expertise extends beyond mere communication; he is a specialist in crafting antennas, turning the technical into a tangible form of art. The story doesn't end with personal achievements; for three impactful years, Jay served as a Radio Merit Badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America, sharing his passion and knowledge to inspire the next generation of radio enthusiasts.

Jay's life is a life lived in harmony with the frequencies, where each wave tells a story of expertise, passion, and a profound commitment to the world of radio communication.

Walking Sticks/Staffs

Owl Trees acre Farm

Gail Lawson

Meet Gail Lawson, a seasoned practitioner of the age-old art of canning with over 30 years of preserving experience. Her journey into the world of jars and pickling began decades ago, cultivating a deep-rooted passion for sustaining the flavors of the seasons. Gail doesn't just preserve meats, fruits, and vegetables; she preserves memories, traditions, and a connection to the land.

Nestled in her regenerative homestead, Gail has crafted a haven where simplicity thrives. Her homestead isn't just a home; it's a living testament to regenerative practices, where each seed planted and each jar filled is a step towards a more sustainable and mindful life.

Beyond her own kitchen, Gail is a beacon of knowledge and warmth. She finds joy in sharing her wisdom, making the art of canning accessible to all who seek it. As a teacher, Gail imparts not just the techniques but the spirit of a simpler life, where the rhythms of nature guide daily routines.

In Gail Lawson, canning isn't just a culinary skill; it's a way of life. Her biography is a celebration of a woman who has not only mastered the craft but sowed the seeds of a more connected and sustainable world.

Hands-On Pressure Canning of Meats

    gail lawson_edited.jpg
    sean tario.png

    Mark 37 &
    Open Spectrum INC

    Sean Tario

    Sean is a Christian Conservative father of 3, married 18 years currently living in the upstate of South Carolina. He is a seasoned IT professional, entrepreneur, author and seed stage investor. He has worked over the years with dozens of startups and scaling companies as a general advisor, director, consultant, professional trainer and award winning sales producer. He has produced and hosted numerous high impact sales and training events across the country and negotiated hundreds of data center and hosting contracts with service providers around the world.

    Sean has been on the forefront of the efforts to protect conservative content online and tours the country providing training, tools and resources to organizations that desire to ditch BigTech devices and platforms. In this capacity, he is the co-founder and CEO of MARK37.COM, home of the "Ghost Phone" and a company assisting individuals and companies regain control of their data and digital sovereignty.

    Digital Sovereignty


    Bushcraft NC

    Rick Dunlap

    Rick Dunlap, the proud proprietor of Bushcraft North Carolina, not only oversees the community as its dedicated Facebook administrator but also brings an impressive 18-year tenure as a certified instructor for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). With expertise in standard first aid, CPR, AED, basic life support (BLS) for healthcare providers, and wilderness first aid, Rick has been a stalwart in promoting safety and well-being.

    In addition to his role as an ECSI instructor, Rick serves as an esteemed instructor for the Old North Council Boy Scouts of America, specializing in health and safety. His commitment extends to his role as a health officer at the Cherokee Scout Reservation, reflecting his dedication to fostering a secure environment.

    Rick's illustrious career includes a remarkable 25-year service as a U.S. Army Sergeant Major, during which he spent a decade as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, NC, with the 16th Military Police Brigade and the 82nd Airborne Division. As a combat veteran and former drill sergeant, Rick's military experience has shaped his unwavering commitment to excellence and discipline.

    Beyond his military service, Rick is a retired high school teacher in North Carolina. Teaching holds a special place in his heart, viewing it as one of his passions. Rick firmly believes in the power of passing on valuable skills to the younger generation, recognizing that this transfer of knowledge ensures a legacy of competence for generations to come.

    Outdoor Awareness for Kids

    First Aid for Kids

      Rick Dunlap.jpeg
      Toolman tim.jpg

      Toolman Tim

      Tim Cook

      ‘Toolman’ Tim Cook has shared his passion for preparedness across North America, while speaking at Prepper Camp NC, Self Reliance Festival TN , Thrivalist Fair WA and many more. Tim has built a large community under the Workshop Banner with a youtube channel approaching 1000 videos and a podcast nearing 500 episodes. All while getting the opportunity to interview best selling authors, well known musicians, and leaders within the prepping and homesteading communities. Tim is also a regular contributor to The Survival Podcast Expert Council, and the Prepper Broadcast Network.
      He has spent the last two decades learning the art of home maintenance & preparedness out of necessity, eventually turning those skills into a full time entrepreneurial venture. Tim and his wife Becky have built and sold several successful businesses and currently spend their time in the frozen tundra of Alberta Canada, with their twin 14 year old girls. While taking every change to escape and work on their off grid retreat in Tennessee.

      REPAIREDNESS – The Art Of Home Maintenance When Help Isn’t Around The Corner

        Shirewood Farm

        Hannah Barker

        Meet the heart and soul behind the thriving haven of sustainable farming, Hannah Barker, the passionate owner and operator of Shirewood Farms. With a deep-rooted love for the land and a commitment to regenerative practices, Hannah has cultivated a sanctuary where nature and agriculture harmoniously coexist.


        Hannah's journey into farming began with a dream – a dream of creating a space where animals roamed freely, and the earth flourished under mindful stewardship. Shirewood Farms, nestled in the rolling hills, stands testament to her dedication to regenerative homesteading.


        A true advocate for ethical farming, Hannah's approach is centered around providing the highest quality products while nurturing the environment. From the happy goats that graze on lush pastures to the contented hens laying golden eggs, every aspect of Shirewood Farms reflects Hannah's unwavering commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices.


        The farm offers a diverse range of products, from goat milk and eggs to top-quality beef, all produced with a keen eye on ecological balance. Hannah believes that responsible farming not only yields superior products but also contributes to the health and well-being of the land and its inhabitants.


        Beyond the fields and pastures, Hannah is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. She shares her expertise through classes on responsible animal care, milking techniques, and the art of crafting dairy delights. Her warm and welcoming approach invites all to explore the world of sustainable farming, fostering a community of individuals who share her passion for ethical agriculture.


        For Hannah Barker, Shirewood Farms is not just a business; it's a way of life rooted in respect for the environment, love for the animals, and a commitment to providing the community with wholesome, sustainable products. As she continues to cultivate this regenerative haven, Hannah invites everyone to join the journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

        Responsible Cow Handling and Milking

        Responsible Goat Handling and Milking

        Butter Making

        Cheese Making

        anthony chiapetta.jpg


        Anthony Chiappetta

        Step into the captivating world of distillation with Texas Tony, a former backyard distiller turned master craftsman with over 28 years of expertise! From humble beginnings crafting moonshine as a hobby to becoming a partner in a renowned commercial distillery, Texas Tony's journey is as intriguing as the spirits he creates.  Join us for an exclusive "Introduction to Distilling" class where Texas Tony unveils the secrets behind the art of distillation, sharing his trials, triumphs, and invaluable insights honed over decades. Discover the essentials of equipment, processes, and ingredients needed to embark on your own distilling adventure. And of course, no distilling class would be complete without a tantalizing tasting experience! Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from a true distilling maestro and ignite your passion for craft spirits.

        Introduction to Distilling

        Pineland resources

        Charles Williams

        SFC Charles Williams Retired, US Army Special Forces

        As a Special Forces Engineer and Assistant Operations and Intelligence NCO in the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Charles served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as well as many CONUS and OCONUS exercises such as Bright Star 83,85, and 87 in Egypt and missions in Sudan, Jordan, Somalia, Kenya, and Panama. Charles also served as an Instructor in the Special Forces Qualification Course and wrote numerous articles on guerilla warfare operations to assist new cadre and auxiliary forces to better understand the varied missions conducted during Robin Sage. Charles has worked in Search and Rescue for North Carolina since the late 1980’s and has been instrumental in the development and distribution of training throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.

        CEO of Pineland Resources Inc. Providing Instruction in:

        Man Tracking – Basic Fundamentals as well as Tactical Tracking Operations for Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations.

        Wilderness Search and Rescue and Search Management for North Carolina Emergency Management.

        Wilderness Survival and Land Navigation Training.

        Tactical Mobility Training on Motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, 4x4’s and Equine to Law Enforcement and Military.

        Man Tracking- Basic Fundamentals

        charles williams.jpg
        gahagan forged in fire cropped.jpg

        Valhalla Customs

        Kyle Gahagan

        Kyle Gahagan currently lives in the small town of Moravian Falls, NC but grew up in Atlanta, GA . At the age of 20 he joined the ARMY and served with the 1st Ranger Battalion stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah GA. He did two tours in Afghanistan as well as two tours in Iraq. Knife making has been something he has enjoyed for many years and has recently persued . He loves to create unique pieces that challenge his knife making skills. He creates remarkable show pieces as well as rugged work pieces that can last the times. Every knife he creates is unique and made with only the best materials. Each knife comes with a life time warranty. Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and knows what is needed in a knife. He tries to create knives that fit the individual needs of the customers and that can stand the abuse they may need to take. He loves how a knife can become an extension of its user and how a piece of finely crafted steel feels in his hand. He knows a good knife can truly make the difference when you truly need it. Kyle received his ABS Journeyman Smith rating at the 2015 Blade show In Atlanta GA.

        Hand Forge Your Own Knife

        TR3 medical


        The owner of T3R has plenty of tactical medical experience to go around. Multiple combat tours and many years instructing the new and incoming combat medics in the Army. His general knowledge about all things medical is hard to surpass. Jeremy is driven by God and family, firmly believing that everything happens for a reason, but you should always be ready when it does

        Stop the Bleed

        How to build/choose a First-Aid/Trauma kit.

        carleigh 2.jpg


        Carleigh Fairchild is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness, weaving together her expertise in survival skills, bodywork healing, and the transformative power of nature connection to create enriching experiences for the mind, body, and spirit. With a deep-rooted connection to the natural world and a keen eye for potential, she invites individuals to journey with her into the realms of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

        You might recognize Carleigh from History Channel’s TV series Alone, Season 3, where she stayed 86-days alone in the wilderness of Patagonia. Wanting to share the profound experiences that can occur when we take time out of our daily lives and into nature, Carleigh founded Human Nature Connection LLC, and now leads Reconnection Retreats, Custom Experiences, and one-on-one Healing Sessions. Through these offerings Carleigh empowers people to rediscover inner peace, embrace their true purpose, and attain lasting resilience by reconnecting with nature and their inner selves. If you're seeking this transformative journey, join her in thriving both in the untamed wilderness and the complexities of everyday life.

        Carleigh is a certified NIASZIIH healer, teacher at wildernessFusion, public speaker, an ambassador for LT Wright Handcrafted Knives, and founder of Human Nature Connection LLC.

        Make a Basket with Kudzu Vines


        NIASZIIH Bodywork-Healing Sessions

        Roy Dorn
        Owen Lupton

        Instructors: Roy Dorn is a retired USMC combat Veteran. During his 20 years he was an instructor at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, Ca for 4 years. He not only taught mountain warfare but also taught survival. He finished his 20 years at Marine Combat Training, School of Infantry East at Camp Geiger. Roy then went into Law Enforcement and retired after 18 years.

        Owen Lupton is a United States Marine Corps veteran, former Law Enforcement Officer, and former advanced life support EMT with over 15 years’ experience.

        Both Owen and Roy have been to numerous prepping events and have never seen anything listed at the events concerning hygiene.

        There will be no chest bumping by the instructors!

        Wash Your Apples

        roy dorn.jpg
        joe flowers.jpg

        Bushcraft Global
        Joe Flowers

        Owner of Bushcraft Global, Joe is an avid outdoorsman and instructor.  This friendly American lives in the mountains of North Carolina where he freezes his rear off every winter while dreaming of the jungle and the animals in it.  Following his love for the outdoors, Joe Graduated NC State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology with a Minor in Entomology.  All throughout that time, he ventured across the United States and beyond searching for animals, and learning primitive and survival skills. Joe had always been into knives and outdoor primitive living ever since he was a child, and with that, he started writing for Tactical Knives magazine. Since then, Joe has gone on to write for Self Reliance Illustrated,  Backpacker magazine, Swat magazine, Survival quarterly, Backwoodsman, New pioneer, Master Woodsman, Equip 2 Endure and American Frontiersman to name a few.

        Joe’s love for machetes teamed him up with companies like Condor Knives, and his machete and knife designs are well known throughout the knife world. Joe has also worked with custom makers to produce good dependable outdoor knives as well. Joe works frequently with TOPS knives, a US manufacturer and official sponsor of Bushcraft Global, designing for them and brain storming ideas.  Joe frequently travels around the world from South America to Europe in search of the outdoor skills of various cultures, and passing them onto everyone.

        Bug Hunt

        Trash Craft

        Forward Observer
        Mike Shelby

        I’m a former soldier, Intelligence NCO, and contractor.  I left the Intelligence Community in 2012 over concerns of where the country was headed, and later founded Forward Observer as a way to track radical, revolutionary, and extremist groups involved in “Low Intensity Conflict” in the United States.

        Low Intensity Conflict is the model for the current unrest that will result in greater disruption and violence, likely lasting well into the decade. It exists below conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition. It’s the “gray area” between war and peace.

        Luckily, intelligence reduces uncertainty about the future.  Our readers understand the value of intelligence, and they rely on our analysis to keep them informed about the future.  I hope you will too.

        – Mike Shelby

        Area Intelligence: How to do an Area Study

        Hardening the Homestead: Practical ways to make your property a harder target

        Building a Community Network for Emergency Preparedness and Response

        Evasion Planning for Dirty Civilians


        Subtle Serpent   Survival
        Gaston Dugger

        Gaston Dugger, also known as Subtle Serpent Survival, is 18 and has grown up in the southern Appalachian Mountains where he has continued to expand and further refine his skillset. He has devoted many years to designing, making, and using knives along with learning primitive skills, and working on the family farm. Gaston is also a multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs his own music. He has served as a guest instructor at multiple events including Georgia Bushcraft, the Inaugural Mountain Readiness Expo alongside the Fallout event, the Bushcraft, Homesteading, and Preparedness Expo, and several courses at Randall’s Adventure and Training. His other interests include hiking, fitness, herpetology, primitive/modern trapping, and emergency healthcare. Gaston is continuing to preserve traditions that have been passed down through generations.

        Evolution of Fire

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