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Fragrance has bergamot with lemon peel, orange zest, thyme, lily of the valley, orange blossom, lavender, driftwood, oakmoss, amber, and white musk. This soap absolutely smells like freedom! It is suitable for both men and women.


Step into the heart of Americana with every wash! Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of bergamot with lemon peel, orange zest, and thyme, as you journey through the nostalgic scents of your favorite small town memories. Our meticulously crafted Small Town Pride™ Patriotic Bar Soap encapsulates the spirit of close-knit communities and the enduring values that make America great.

🍊 Zesty Reverie: Experience the joy of freshly picked lemon peel and invigorating orange zest, evoking memories of homemade lemonade on a hot summer's day.

🌿 Blossoming Unity: Let the gentle fragrance of lily of the valley and orange blossom transport you to a time when neighbors became family, and unity was a way of life.

💐 Timeless Tranquility: Lavender's soothing essence echoes the serene evenings spent on porches, symbolizing the serenity found in the simplest moments.

🌊 Coastal Whispers: Driftwood's subtle notes transport you to the calming shores of your imagination, where ocean breezes carry stories of adventure and camaraderie.

🌳 Rooted Strength: Oakmoss infuses the soap with the strength of ancient trees, reflecting the resilience and determination that define small-town values.

💫 Amber Hues: The warm glow of amber envelops you, capturing the golden hues of sunsets shared with friends and family.

🎵 Heartfelt Harmony: White musk brings everything together in perfect harmony, echoing the sense of togetherness that makes small towns feel like home.

Elevate your daily routine with a touch of nostalgia and pride. Small Town Pride™ Patriotic Bar Soap isn't just soap; it's a journey back to the values that have shaped our nation's foundation.

Celebrate the essence of community and the cherished small-town spirit with every luxurious lather. Experience the familiar scents that echo the laughter, love, and unity of a close-knit neighborhood.

Rediscover the heartwarming embrace of your hometown. Order your Small Town Pride™ Patriotic Bar Soap today and relive the cherished memories that define the spirit of America.


Ingredients: Goat Milk, Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel, Almond Oil, Castor Oil. Fragrance Oil and Mica.

Small Town

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