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The M.R-WarHawk is designed to combine the medival War Hammer with the chopping power of the Tomahawk. Hand forged from 80CRV-2 steel and weighing in at 2lbs, this beast can handle anything that comes its way!   The Hawks wicked sharp cutting edge has been tapered back at the beard to expose a pronounced point for piercing. The hammer head sports a crowned 5 points that's sure to grab some attention when necessary. And of course, you never know where life may take you and no tool is complete without the capabilities to we added a prying end at the base! The WarHawk comes with a Kydex Sheath and belt attachment. There is a leather sheath option if desired. 


Product Specifications *******

* Overall Length: 16"

* Weight: 2 lbs

* Handle Steel Thickness: 1/4" 

* Head and Hammer Thickness: 1/2"

* Steel: 80CRV-2

* Sheath: Kydex or Leather option

* Handle: Micarta

* Designer: Robert "T" Toombs





  • At Toombstone Blade Works, We take great pride in our 100% American made cutlery and we stand behind our workmanship. 

    Your Hand Forged custom blade is a true one of a kind peice, unique in its own way. There is no machining used in thier creation. You will see divits and irregularities which comes with hammer and forge welding. The beauty of each blade are these markings that make every one special.

    As hand forged steel has a sometimes rough finish, special care is required to keep it looking great for years to come. We recommend that after every use that you wash and dry your blade, followed by applying a good gun oil to all metal surfaces. Humidity is also a factor on the steel so check on it periodically if stored for extended periods. Do Not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your blade or handle material as it may damage the finish. Please do not use your blade in a manner other than that of its design. Improper use of your blade will void the warranty. For more information or questions, please contact us through our customer support. 

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