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Why Community is Crucial to being Ready for Anything
Jason Matyas

• Why no man is an island
• How to build a vibrant community network
• How to prepare as a community
• Lessons learned from a worst case scenario


Farm and Forge Processing.jpg

Hog Processing Part 1
Dispatch, Skinning,
and Evisceration

The Farm and Forge
Chantal Mullen

This is a live demo and talk through of the process and is a beginner class. Tools and related information will be talked about during the demo

This Class will be offered on SATURDAY MAY 4 ONLY


Hog Processing Part 2
Cut types and options

The Farm and Forge
Chantal Mullen

This is a live demo and talk through of the process and is a beginner class. Tools and related information will be talked about during the demo

This Class will be offered on SATURDAY MAY 4 ONLY



Hog Processing Part 3 Sausage and Sealing
The Farm and Forge
Chantal Mullen

How to get a finished product.This is a live demo and talk through of the process and is a beginner class. Tools and related information will be talked about during the demo

This Class will be offered on SATURDAY MAY 4 ONLY

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Tactical Food Forest
Perma Pasture Farm
Billy Bond

Embark on a journey of sustainable and tactical food cultivation with our specialized class on installing a Tactical Food Forest. This hands-on course is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to create a resilient and abundant food source in any environment.

Class Highlights:

  1. Permaculture Principles: Learn the fundamentals of permaculture and how to apply them to design a self-sustaining food forest that mimics natural ecosystems.

  2. Site Assessment: Understand how to assess your specific site conditions, including soil quality, sunlight exposure, and water availability, to optimize the placement of your food forest elements.

  3. Plant Selection and Guilds: Explore a diverse range of edible plants, trees, and shrubs suitable for your region. Discover the art of companion planting and guild formation to enhance ecosystem health and productivity.

  4. Water Management: Master efficient water harvesting and conservation techniques to ensure your food forest thrives even in arid conditions. Learn about swales, mulching, and other water-wise practices.

  5. Wildlife Integration: Explore methods to attract beneficial wildlife, such as pollinators and pest controllers, to create a balanced and resilient ecosystem within your food forest.

  6. Maintenance and Harvesting: Acquire essential skills for maintaining your tactical food forest, including pruning, pest management, and harvesting strategies to maximize yield while promoting long-term sustainability.

  7. Emergency Food Planning: Understand the strategic aspects of creating a tactical food forest, considering its potential role as an emergency food source during challenging times.

Join us in this transformative class to not only cultivate your own tactical food forest but also contribute to building a more sustainable and resilient future. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast, environmentalist, or someone seeking self-sufficiency, this class equips you with the tools to make a lasting impact. Let's grow together!


Brain Tanning 
Mel of the Mountains

Do you ever wonder how our ancestors transformed raw animal hides into durable, supple leather? Are you intrigued by the artistry and tradition of tanning, as well as its connection to our history? If so, look no further! Our class offers a thrilling exploration of the basic steps in the tanning process, taking you on a fascinating voyage from the raw hide to beautifully crafted leather goods. 

Tanning Essentials:

  • Fleshing: Learn how to meticulously remove flesh and fat from the hide, setting the foundation for the transformation.

  • Graining: Unveil the art of leveling and smoothening the hide's surface, creating a canvas ready for the tanning magic.

  • Membraning: Dive into the finer details of removing the membrane, a crucial step in the tanning process.

  • Bucking: Delve into the secrets of softening your hide and making it more receptive to tanning solutions.

  • Neutralizing: Master the art of balancing pH to stabilize the hide.

  • Wringing: Feel the satisfaction of water extraction and drying, a pivotal step before moving forward.

  • Dressing: Witness the hide's transformation into a beautiful, workable leather piece.

  • Softening: Unlock the secrets to making leather buttery-soft and pliable.

  • Smoking: Discover the final touch that gives your leather that signature color and aroma.

Experience is the best teacher, and we want you to truly grasp the art of tanning. As part of this engaging class, we'll provide you with opportunities to try out some of these steps yourself. Get your hands on the hides and immerse yourself in the craft under the guidance of our expert instructor, Mel of the Mountains!

In addition to traditional hide tanning, we'll explore other methods like bark tanning, shedding light on the diverse techniques used worldwide.

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Situational Awareness and Combat Mindset
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

 We discuss the physiological effects and how your body reacts when you are in “Fight or Flight” and how you can build positive habits now to help you deal with situations later.

womens only.png

Women Only: AR-15
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

Hubby got you an AR-15 and has it set up for you. However, men aren’t the best at teaching their spouses. Sometimes you need to have them take a step back and let a professional instructor step in. Our staff of Green Berets and Special Ops instructors will take you through how to:

Load & Unload

Proper Shooting Fundamentals (Stance/Grip/Manipulation)

Reloads (Speed & Tac)

Dryfire Only: We will have Dummy Rounds for you to use.

Requirement: Bring your own Carbine and 2 EMPTY magazines

Optional: Sling and magazine pouch

battle rifle.png

 Battle Rifle Setup-
Make it Work For You
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

You can buy all the sexy gadgets off the internet, but what do you really need on your rifle? Our former SOF operators explain what the used to run & why, and what they run now & why, for each situation and mission.


Knife Fighting- Reverse Grip Techniques
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

In "Knife Fighting- Reverse Grip Techniques," participants will learn essential skills for close-quarters combat with a focus on wielding blades effectively. Through expert guidance and hands-on practice, students will explore defensive and offensive maneuvers using the reverse grip. Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or a beginner, this class offers practical techniques in a safe environment. Join us to master the art of knife fighting and emerge with confidence in your ability to handle high-stakes situations.

dry fire.webp

Improve Your Dry Fire
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

In this dynamic class, led by seasoned combat veterans, participants will elevate their dry fire training to new heights. Through expert instruction and firsthand insights gained from real-world combat experience, students will refine their marksmanship skills, honing precision, speed, and tactical awareness. From mastering proper stance and grip to perfecting trigger control and sight alignment, each session offers invaluable techniques to enhance proficiency and readiness. Whether you're a novice looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced shooter aiming to sharpen your skills, this class provides a unique opportunity to learn from those who have faced high-pressure situations firsthand. Join us as we embark on a journey toward mastery, guided by the wisdom and expertise of combat veterans, and emerge with heightened confidence and proficiency in your dry fire practice.


How to Setup your Body Armor for your Situation
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

You are setting up your kit, but what are you setting it up for? Your situation is different from others. Your mission requirements are different from others; and your situation will continue to change. In this class we will discuss setting up kit for specific missions, such as hostage rescue verses home defense; giving you the broad spectrum of ideas to chose from for custom tailoring your kit setup to your specific requirement.


Self Recovery- Vehicle Winch and High Lyft
Tactical Rifleman
Karl Erickson

Basics of how to use a winch and high lyft jack safely and effectively for vehicle self recovery.

Drone Defense.png

Drone Defense
Black Armor Group
Byron Russell

Meet Byron, a retired Green Beret with extensive experience in tactical operations and a deep expertise in drone technology. In his upcoming 60-minute seminar, Byron will share his knowledge on drone defense, guiding you through the critical tactics for countering drone surveillance. Drawing on his rich military background and years of experience as a training manager for a leading drone robotics company, Byron will unpack the layers of passive and active defenses against drones. Attendees will emerge with practical skills and a nuanced understanding of how to detect and deter unwelcome drones from infringing on their privacy and safety.

Fortress k9 good boy.jpg

The Trained
Protection Dog

A Preppers Best Friend
Fortress K9
Joel Ryals

The Trained Protection Dog – A Prepper’s Best Friend – And Best Security Asset

Learn how to incorporate a Protection Dog into your security plan, use them to increase your patrol or security sweep effectiveness, and how to employ a Protection Dog in practical terms. We will also discuss the difference between Police/Military Dogs and Protection Dogs and things to consider when trying to determine if a Protection Dog is right for you and options for going about adding a dog to your family.

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Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk
Wildcard Wilderness Survival

Jacks Genega

Modern pharmaceuticals are synthesized from sources all around us, plants. As we walk we will discuss how to turn our ground floor into our drug store as we find and forage our edible and medicinal needs. Students will walk away with the knowledge on how to easily identify various plants, their uses throughout time, health benefits and how to prepare them for treatments


Store More for Less: 
DIY Food Storage Alternatives

Lori Valone 

Many of us started our prepping journey by buying commercial freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. While these #10 cans are a great way to supplement your food storage, you can preserve food yourself and dramatically lower your costs or enabling you to store more with the same spend. This session will examine do-it-yourself alternatives to increase the calories on hand to sustain those you care about.

We’ll cover a basic overview of canning, dehydrating, and home freeze drying as alternatives to increase food security. Whether you have a garden or you are using store-bought goods, you can lower your storage costs and increase your food security by preserving food yourself. We will discuss preservation techniques for both on and off-grid scenarios and discuss the pros and cons of each method.  


Build your Food Security Plan
in 4 easy steps

Lori Valone

Not since WWII have concerns about food security affected so many Americans. The ongoing shortages of basic food items on grocery shelves and ever-present inflation are a wake-up call for many who previously have never worried about feeding their families and well as established preppers who should be constantly re-evaluating their food supplies.

This course will share a step-by-step works to create your own written food security plan based on the answers to four simple questions:

·        Why am I storing food?

·        Who am I storing food for?

·        How much food do I store?

·        What kinds of food do I store?

What’s your Time to Primitive?
Lori Valone

No matter how well you prepare, there will come a time those preps run out and you will be forced to resort to the methods of your ancestors to survive.  This course will take a look at what primitive looks like across the four most important essentials of living – water, food, shelter, and defense. We’ll discuss how to assess and maximize your time to primitive and recommend strategies to prepare you and your family for when the preps run out.

Untitled design.png

Gun Laws for Preppers:
Getting Ready, Not Arrested

Paul Valone

If you own guns, you are probably an accidental felon many times over. With more than 30,000 arcane, sometimes nonsensical local, state and federal gun laws on the books, it is nearly impossible to carry a firearm outside the home without violating more than one. Those who say, “I’m going to do what I need to, regardless of the law” should understand that government has the most control over those it can brand as law-breakers.

Gun owners face a time of uncertainty. While the recent Supreme Court Bruen decision is causing scores of gun laws to be struck down, regulatory over-reach by the BATFE stands to make criminals of millions of lawful Americans. For 2023, the course will also include, “Navigating gun rights under the Biden administration.”


Win against ‘Woke’:
Defeating Leftism in Daily Life

Paul Valone

Using the playbook written by Saul Alinsky, leftists have spent 50+ years hijacking our media, our cultural institutions, and our schools. Your children are taught to hate America. Your speech is controlled. Your employer is “woke,” and you are being called “racist.” You can hide, hoping they won’t come after you or your children, or you can fight back. This seminar will teach you to fight.

Paul will teach you how to defend against leftists bent on running your life not in just state and federal governments, but also on school boards, city councils, county commissions, even HOAs.  If you are sick of getting pushed around by the “woke” mob, this course is for you.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 184604.png

Plants and Trees that Aid in Fire
Wildcard Wilderness Survival

Jacks Genega

Left your Cotton Balls and Vaseline at home again? Why buy your fire needs from the drug store when they're also on the woodland floor? Together we will go on a short walk and discover how various plants and trees around us can aid in the art of fire. So let's get off that couch to build that tinder pouch!

Screenshot 2023-11-21 185628.png

Extended Plant and
Tree Walk

Wildcard Wilderness Survival

Jacks Genega

Often people look down seasonally when foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants. But did you know they actually tower over you all year round? Let's go on a walk to positively identify a handful of trees and plants and discuss their incredible uses in the arts of medicine, fire, and traditional skills.

Medicinal Herb

How to Use Herbs Medicinally
Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright

You can preserve food and have your basement fully stocked as a prepper or have a hundred hens laying eggs in your hen house as a homesteader but if you do not know how to use herbs as medicine, you are missing a big piece of the puzzle. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes take our health for granted.  What will you do in a survival situation when there is a medical emergency and you can’t get to a hospital?  Many ‘weeds’ found in your yard are medicinal and are extremely valuable in a survival situation.  

Amanda will discuss how to use these herbs medicinally.  Whether it is making an infusion (tea), poultice, salve, herbal infusion, or tincture, learning how to use herbs can help in many situations.  

Free Range Chicken Farm

Herbal Animal Care
Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright

Do you have pets or livestock animals?  What is your first thought when they are going through a minor or major health crisis?  Call the Veterinarian?    What if you can’t afford a veterinarian visit or there is not a veterinarian to call?  A great solution is to grow herbs and know how to use them for your animals!

Many people do not realize there are herbs that can help with poisoning, snakebites, burns, wounds, allergies, other animal attacks, etc.  Many people have successfully saved an animal from a dire medical emergency with only their knowledge of herbs they grow!  Even if you don’t have pets or livestock animals, it is good to have this wisdom in the times we are now living in….just in case.

Chinese Medicine

Top 10 Survival Herbs
Dr. Amanda P. Cartwright

When compared to the timeline of human history, modern medicine hasn’t been around that long.  Much of the pharmaceutical medications start at herbs but then are chemically altered simply because patent laws don’t permit filing a patent on something that exists naturally.  Thus, using chemical laced pharmaceutical medicines sometimes have serious side effects while pharmaceutical companies line their pockets.    

What if you didn’t have access to a pharmacy?  What if herbal medicines were the only thing available?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know a few herbs to help yourself or your family in a survival situation? 

In this class, Amanda will help you learn and understand her top ten survival herbs. She will discuss why the herbs are so important, dosing, precautions, and safety.  An understanding of a few basic herbs can potentially save your life!

Forging Hot Iron

Coal Forging
The Farm and Forge

Learn how to build a coal fire, forge mechanics, basic tools, and simple techniques. Live demonstrations will be ongoing.

good planner.jpg

Personal Preparedness Assessment Workshop
Nick Meacher

What are you really preparing for?  What is your level of preparedness or resiliency?  What supplies do you have?  What skills do you have?

In this workshop you will receive a free copy of the Personal Preparedness Assessment workbook.  We will go through the process of how to conduct to determine what threats and hazards are in your area and what you are at most risk from.  We will discuss how to do an assessment of how well prepared you are for those threats and hazards that are most likely to impact you and your family, both in terms of items (things) as well as knowledge, skills and abilities.  Once you have completed that you will then be able to identify what you need to do to improve in the areas that need improvement.

The workbook includes a basic (stable) food inventory program that allows you to determine basic needs based on the number of people and the number of months supplies you want on hand.

Radar system

Developing Your Communication Plan
Nick Meacher

Most folks leave communications to the very last when developing their preparedness plans, however it really should be one of the first things you do.  When an emergency or disaster happens, such as a severe storm or tornado, power, and thus communications are the first things to fail.

Even if you don’t have a ham radio license yet, there are other resources and systems you can use to alert and keep in touch with family, friends and like-minded people.

In this workshop we will look at the steps to take to develop your plan, what types of radios, receivers and transmitters, are available and how to choose based on your budget.

With all plans you must have some procedures in place and they you need to train and test – again we will look at what you need to do to make sure your plan meets your needs.  We will also look at limits of your capabilities and the steps to can take to improve.

We will demonstrate some of the capabilities with communications resources, and the plan we are putting in place for Fallout, including direct (radio-to-radio), a repeater and we will also introduce you to the Stump Knocker net where like-minded folks from all over the world have net every Monday night at 2000hrs (8pm) eastern time.

Bring your radios as we have other classes on programming your Baofeng radio as well as a basic workshop on DMR programming.

Family Fishing Trip

Family Emergency Plan Workshop
Nick Meacher

Planning should be the first step in your preparedness journey, however it is one that most people avoid or put off. 

Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small. Sun Tsu

Having a plan is an important part of preparedness.  Documenting important information in a single place that is no reliant on technology and power is critical.  When I was a kid I could remember all of my relative and friends phone numbers in my head.  Because we have become so reliant on the small device we keep in our pockets we don’t make the effort to remember numbers or addresses.  However, in a disaster you might not have the ability to charge your phone, or it might be damaged.  Even if you do have your phone do you even know what information you should collect?

In this workshop you will get a copy of the Family Emergency Plan workbook and we will step you through it and discuss the information that you need to collect, and where to find it, for your plan.  Once you do your homework you will have a plan that contains most of the information in a single place.  You will know what documents to need to add to the plan to complete your family contingency binder, your communications plan, items for your get home and bug out bags and an emergency evacuation checklist for when you have very limited notice that you need to leave, such as wildfire, rail or road chemical spill near your home and more.


AtlAtl Make & Take Workshop 
Gemini Survival School

Wanda Priday

Come ready to carve your own AtlAtl to practice with and then take home.  The instructor will provide materials and instruction on how to carve an AtlAtl while explaining the history and uses of this primitive hunting implement. After completion, the last part of our class will be to practice using our AtlAtls and composite bamboo arrows (provided by instructor for lending) and check our accuracy using an archery target.

Camping in Nature

Women's Practical Survival Workshop
Gemini Survival School

Wanda Priday

Join me for an exciting Women’s 2 hour Workshop – A crash course in the basics of survival and emergency preparedness.  Spend time learning and connecting in this all women’s environment and come away with hands on practice and knowledge you need to take care of yourself and your family in an emergency survival situation. 

gold panning.jpg


Gemini Survival School

Wanda Priday

We will discuss types of mines and the variety of methods used over the years to mine gold.  We will talk about geological features and minerals that indicate the presence of gold and review the east coast gold belt location.  During this class we will talk about basic equipment needed and its use for mining gold, as well as, define the different types of gold you may find.  Lastly we will go over where you can legally mine for gold on federal land and the process for filing a mineral rights gold claim thru the Bureau of Land Management.  The class will conclude with a panning demonstration at the creek, showing what features to look for and how to best locate gold deposits on a creek or river.


What's It Worth: Investing in Resilience
Working Aussie Homestead
Josh & Jordyn Kelly

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to make strategic investments in resilience on a budget. In this class, we delve into the art of determining the true value of tools and products when resources are limited. From navigating the market to identifying cost-effective solutions, learn the secrets of prioritizing self-reliance without breaking the bank. Gain practical insights on making informed choices, ensuring your investments not only safeguard your future but also align with your financial goals. Take control of your journey towards resilience with 'What's It Worth: Investing in Resilience'."

australian shepherd herding.jpg

Herding Demo's
Working Aussie Homestead
Josh & Jordyn Kelly

Get ready for a front-row seat to the coolest farm party! Tune in to watch live Australian Shepherds doing their thing—herding sheep like total pros. But hey, it's not just about the show; these dogs can seriously upgrade your homestead game.

In this class, we're spilling the beans on how having Aussie Shepherds on your homestead is like having farm superheroes. Picture this: sheep going exactly where they should, chores getting done with a breeze, and a bunch of happy animals. It's not magic—it's just Aussie Shepherds doing their awesome herding dance.

Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just dreaming of the farm life, 'Aussie Shepherds on the Homestead' is your ticket to a fun and practical guide on making these dogs your farm buddies. Join the party, and let's turn your homestead into a lively, well-managed paradise!

dehydrated foods.jpg

Food Preservation: Dehydrating Foods
The Kilted Prepper

 Join us for a hands-on exploration of the art of dehydrating foods, where you'll learn to capture the essence of seasonal abundance and extend the life of your favorite ingredients.

In this class, we'll cover everything from choosing the right foods for dehydration to mastering the techniques that preserve taste and nutrition. Discover the magic behind creating your own dried fruits, veggies, and snacks, unlocking a world of culinary possibilities. Say goodbye to food waste as we delve into practical tips for storing dehydrated goods and incorporating them into your daily meals.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen newbie, this class offers a flavorful journey into the realm of food preservation. Unleash your creativity, save money, and savor the taste of homemade goodness. Don't miss this opportunity to make your kitchen a hub of delicious, long-lasting treats!

survival group.jpg

Survival Groups
Forrest Garvin


Your most crucial prep is being in a survival group!

The only people that argue against this are not in a group. This class will cover: why your “expert” is not in a group, why you need a group, how to find a group, where to find people, what to look for in others, how to talk to others about groups, how groups will change you, how to prepare yourself for a group, how many should you have in your group, how to find a quick bug out location, what due diligence should you do, roles and responsibility in a group. My survival group has been together for 21 years, and I will share information others have never shared.


Every Prepper Needs a
Home-Based Business

Forrest Garvin

Self-sufficiency is the ability to provide for one's needs without relying on external resources or support. In this sense, owning a home-based business is crucial to achieving self-sufficiency. It provides a source of income and allows individuals to be self-reliant regarding their career and financial security.

Topics include the following:

1.     Financial preparedness: A home-based business can provide a secondary source of income, which can be especially important in times of financial uncertainty or crisis.

2.     Independence and self-reliance: A home-based business allows individuals to control their income and career rather than relying on a traditional employer. This can be especially important for those who value independence and self-reliance.

3.     Flexibility and convenience: A home-based business allows individuals to set their schedule and work at their own pace, which can be especially beneficial for those with families or other time commitments.

4.     Lower overhead and startup costs: Starting a home-based business requires less upfront investment and has lower overhead costs than a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

5.     Disaster preparedness: In a natural disaster or other emergencies, a home-based business may be able to continue operating even if traditional businesses are disrupted.

This class will also cover practical considerations for starting and running a home-based business, such as selecting a business idea, marketing, and sales strategies, and financial management.


Pressure Canning Meats
Owl Tree Acre Farm
Gail Lawson

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Hands-On Pressure Canning class, where we unravel the secrets of safe and effective pressure canning following the renowned Ball Standard. This immersive experience invites you to not just learn but actively participate in the preservation journey.

In this class, each participant will have the unique opportunity to pressure can meat, demystifying the process and ensuring you leave with the confidence to replicate it at home. The Ball Standard, synonymous with safety and excellence in home canning, will be our guide as we delve into the intricacies of preserving meats without compromising taste or quality.

Bringing your own pressure canner? Fantastic! We encourage participants to bring their own equipment to foster familiarity and ensure you're comfortable using the tools you have at home. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned canner, our class is designed to elevate your skills and empower you to fill your pantry with delicious, home-canned meats.

Join us for an interactive session where theory meets practice, and you emerge as a skilled pressure canner ready to take on the world of home preservation. Hands-On Pressure Canning is not just a class; it's your ticket to becoming a confident and capable home preserver following the esteemed Ball Standard. Don't miss this opportunity to roll up your sleeves and embark on a flavorful journey of canning success!

fermented foods.jpg

Fermenting Foods
Gods Good Table
Maureen Diaz

Fermentation conveys astounding benefits to the human body - including the creation of a powerhouse of nutrients and enzymatic action that helps us digest our foods and utilize those nutrients; gut health-building properties; to bold and exciting flavors - we cover it all! 
We will explore the principles of this easy process along with many exciting ideas. Join us for this fun class and learn to incorporate these foods into your family’s daily diet.
Be ready to take notes, ask questions, and learn!


Gods Good Table
Maureen Diaz

Making sourdough bread may feel intimidating to many folks. 

But the truth is … sourdough breadmaking is simple and not at all difficult to make. (In fact, you only need TWO ingredients for your starter!)

The benefits of sourdough bread are many — you are FREE from using commercial and most often, genetically modified yeast. Your bread is organic, nutrient-dense and absolutely delicious. 

It's also one of those traditional, old-fashioned skills that adds incredible value to every home.

How can sourdough breadmaking bless your table? 

Knowing how to make your own sourdough bread means your dinner table can easily have delicious sandwiches, focaccia, pizza, pancakes or waffles … all made from scratch! 

No more spending your precious dollars on commercially made bread that lacks nutrients, may have questionable ingredients and doesn’t taste half as good!

hakim psychological.jpg

Understanding Psychological Warfare
Hakim Isler

Delve into the intricate world of psychological warfare with our specialized class aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the principles, tactics, and impact of psychological operations.

Class Highlights:

  1. Foundations of Psychology in Warfare: Explore the intersection of psychology and warfare, understanding the psychological principles that underpin strategic decision-making, influence, and manipulation.

  2. Historical Perspectives: Examine historical examples of psychological warfare, from ancient civilizations to modern conflicts, to gain insights into the evolution of psychological strategies in different contexts.

  3. Propaganda Analysis: Learn to critically analyze propaganda and disinformation, unraveling the techniques employed to shape perceptions, influence opinions, and create psychological effects on target audiences.

  4. Behavioral Psychology in Conflict: Understand how behavioral psychology is leveraged in conflict situations, examining the impact of fear, stress, and uncertainty on individuals and societies.

  5. Cyber Psychological Operations: Explore the realm of cyber psychological operations, focusing on the use of technology and online platforms to influence public opinion, disrupt communication, and manipulate perceptions.

  6. Counter-Psychological Warfare Strategies: Equip yourself with strategies to recognize and counteract psychological warfare efforts, both at an individual and societal level. Develop resilience against manipulative tactics.

  7. Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical implications of psychological warfare, emphasizing the importance of responsible and humane practices in the realm of psychological operations.

  8. Real-world Applications: Connect theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios by examining case studies and contemporary examples of psychological warfare in geopolitical, military, and social contexts.

Join us in this thought-provoking class to gain insights into the hidden dimensions of conflict and understand the psychological tools that shape the battlefield of the mind. Whether you're a student of psychology, international relations, or security studies, this class offers a unique perspective on the intersection of psychology and warfare. Unravel the secrets of psychological warfare and empower yourself with knowledge. 

survival group good.jpg

Building a Quality Preparedeness Group
Hakim Isler

Prepare for the future with our comprehensive class on creating a Quality Preparedness Group. Whether you're interested in community resilience, disaster response, or individual readiness, this course equips you with the skills to form and lead an effective preparedness group.

Class Highlights:

  1. Group Formation Strategies: Learn the fundamentals of assembling a preparedness group, including recruitment, team dynamics, and establishing a shared vision for resilience.

  2. Risk Assessment and Planning: Understand how to conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards and create comprehensive preparedness plans tailored to your community or group's needs.

  3. Communication and Coordination: Master communication strategies to ensure seamless coordination within your group. Explore the use of technology, emergency communication protocols, and the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities.

  4. Training and Skill Development: Develop a training program that enhances the skills and capabilities of your group members. From first aid and survival skills to crisis management, empower your team with the knowledge needed for effective response.

  5. Resource Management: Explore strategies for resource allocation, including financial planning, equipment acquisition, and establishing partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and emergency services.

  6. Community Engagement: Foster community engagement and collaboration by organizing outreach events, training sessions, and initiatives that promote preparedness awareness within your locality.

  7. Crisis Leadership: Acquire leadership skills essential for navigating crises. Learn crisis communication, decision-making under pressure, and strategies for maintaining morale and cohesion within the group during challenging times.

  8. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understand the legal and ethical dimensions of operating a preparedness group, ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical standards in emergency response scenarios.

Whether you're a community leader, emergency responder, or an individual passionate about preparedness, this class provides a roadmap for building a resilient and effective preparedness group. Join us in taking proactive steps towards a safer and more prepared future.

kids first aid.jpg

Wilderness First Aid for Kids
Rick Dunlap

Embark on an exciting journey with our Wilderness First Aid for Kids class—an immersive experience tailored for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Open to boys and girls of all ages, this dynamic course combines education, demonstration, and hands-on activities to instill essential skills for safe and enjoyable outdoor adventures.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into key topics, including:

  1. Outdoor Personal Hygiene: Discover the importance of maintaining personal hygiene in the great outdoors, ensuring a clean and healthy adventure.

  2. Campsite Safety: Learn the fundamentals of creating a secure and organized campsite, fostering a sense of responsibility for the natural environment.

  3. Bushcraft Injuries - The 5 B’s:

    • Bleeding (Stopping/Bandaging): Master techniques to effectively address bleeding emergencies, from halting blood flow to expert bandaging.

    • Burns (Prevention, Types, Care): Acquire knowledge on burn prevention, identify different burn types, and understand comprehensive care practices.

    • Breaks (Prevention/Splinting): Explore preventive measures and essential splinting techniques for bone injuries in the wilderness.

    • Bites (Prevention, Care): Gain insights into preventing insect bites and handling various bites with confidence and competence.

    • Blisters (Prevention, Care, Mole Skin): Learn the art of blister prevention, effective care strategies, and the application of mole skin for added comfort during outdoor excursions.

Our Wilderness First Aid for Kids class is designed to foster a love for the outdoors while equipping young adventurers with the knowledge and skills to navigate the wild responsibly and safely. Join us for an educational experience that lays the foundation for a lifetime of thrilling and secure wilderness exploration.

kids in woods good.jpg

Outdoor Awareness for Kids
Rick Dunlap

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and outdoor education with our "Outdoor Awareness for Kids" class. Designed for young explorers, this engaging course goes beyond appreciation and dives into crucial aspects of outdoor safety and planning.

In this interactive program, children will:

  • Develop a deep connection with nature, learning about local flora and fauna.

  • Acquire fundamental outdoor safety skills to navigate and explore confidently.

  • Understand the importance of responsible outdoor planning, including trip preparation and basic navigation.

  • Cultivate an appreciation for environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

  • Engage in team-building activities to enhance cooperation and camaraderie.

Join us in fostering a love for the outdoors while equipping your child with essential skills for safe and thoughtful exploration. "Outdoor Awareness for Kids" is not just a class; it's a gateway to a lifetime of informed, secure, and joyful adventures in the great outdoors. Enroll your child today and let the exploration begin!

Working in the Warehouse

REPAIREDNESS – The Art Of Home Maintenance When Help Isn’t Around The Corner
Toolman Tim
Tim Cook

Since the majority of preparedness plans include bugging in by handling situations at home, it only makes sense to properly maintain that bug in location. Toolman Tim will teach the basics of troubleshooting household problems using common sense. He will encourage new and experienced preppers alike in growing the skills and confidence needed to do their own home repairs.


The overall focus of the 1 hour session will be: Doing the Proper Maintenance, Learning the Proper Skills, Having The Propers Tools & Stocking The Proper Parts. Tim will break down the main systems of the home, and talk about the most common repairs a prepper will have to do in order to handle the most likely household emergencies.

milk cow bucket.jpg

Responsible Cow Handling and Milking
Shirewood Farm
Hannah Barker

Step into the world of responsible cow handling and milking with the knowledgeable Hannah Barker from Shirewood Farms! Join us for an informative class where you'll learn the proper and safe techniques for caring for dairy cows and mastering the art of milking.


Hannah, with her hands-on experience and deep connection to the farm, will guide you through the essentials of cow care. From understanding the needs of dairy cows to ensuring their well-being, this class provides valuable insights into responsible animal husbandry.


But it's not just theory – get ready for a truly hands-on experience! With a live cow on site, you'll have the opportunity to apply the learned techniques in a practical setting. From approaching the cow safely to mastering the milking process, this class offers a unique chance to connect with these gentle creatures while gaining practical skills.


Whether you're a future farmer, an animal enthusiast, or just curious about the world of dairy farming, this class is tailored for all. Join us for an enlightening experience that combines education with hands-on practice, and leave with the confidence to handle and milk dairy cows safely and responsibly.

arlo milking.jpg

Responsible Goat Handling and Milking
Shirewood Farm
Hannah Barker

Embark on a goat-tastic adventure with the expert guidance of Hannah Barker from Shirewood Farms! Join our informative class where you'll learn the proper and safe methods for handling and milking goats, all while enjoying a hands-on experience with a live goat on site.


Hannah, with her wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise, will walk you through the essentials of goat care. From understanding their unique needs to ensuring their well-being, this class provides valuable insights into responsible and compassionate goat husbandry.


Get ready for a truly hands-on experience! Meet our friendly goat companion on site and discover the art of approaching, handling, and milking goats with confidence. Whether you're a future goat enthusiast, a small-scale farmer, or just curious about these charming creatures, this class is designed for everyone eager to delve into the world of goat care and milking.


Learn the proper techniques, ask questions, and leave with the skills to handle and milk goats safely and responsibly.


Cheese Making
Shirewood Farm
Hannah Barker

Embark on a cheese-making journey like no other with the fabulous Hannah Barker from Shirewood Farms! Join us for an immersive class where you'll learn the art of crafting delicious cheese from scratch, while also uncovering the health benefits of incorporating homemade goodness into your diet.


Hannah, with her farm-fresh expertise, will guide you through the cheese-making process step by step. From selecting the finest ingredients to mastering the art of curdling, cutting, and shaping, you'll gain hands-on experience that will elevate your cheese-making skills to a new level.


But that's not all – delve into the health benefits of homemade cheese! Discover how using quality ingredients and incorporating fresh, organic components can contribute to a wholesome and nutritious final product. From essential nutrients to the satisfaction of knowing exactly what goes into your cheese, you'll leave the class not only with a variety of cheese-making techniques but also a deeper understanding of the health advantages.


Butter Making
Shirewood Farm
Hannah Barker

Join us for an enriching and hands-on butter making experience led by the wonderful Hannah Barker from Shirewood Farms! In this class, you'll not only dive into the art of crafting delectable butter but also unlock the nutritional secrets behind using fresh, organic ingredients.


Hannah, with her farm-fresh expertise, will guide you through the process, starting with the basics of separating cream from high-quality milk. Learn the importance of using fresh and organic ingredients for not just flavor but also for the added nutritional value they bring to your butter.


Discover the magic of churning as Hannah shares her tips and tricks to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Throughout the class, you'll gain insights into the nutritional benefits of homemade butter, understanding how it can be a wholesome addition to your culinary endeavors.


Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this class is designed for everyone eager to explore the world of butter making. By the end, you'll not only have mastered the art of churning but also gained valuable knowledge about the nutritional advantages of using fresh, organic ingredients in your homemade butter.

brain good.jpg

Activating The
Survival Brain


Within the modern gun culture, a lot of emphasis is placed upon the acquiring of firearms and static weapons manipulation. Even within the survivalist community there is an inflated importance levied on the acquisition of those tools versus understanding the proper employment of force within a dynamic and evolving situation. This highlights the need for realistic training that forces you to solve complex problems while in a stressful scenario. The adage of “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to your level of training” is applicable. It is safe to assume that thankfully most of us have never been in a gun fight. It is because of this there is not an appreciation of the physiological nor psychological impacts of the natural adrenal response. Quite frankly, you don’t know what you don’t know. Get ready for a closer look with " The Survival Brain"


The Art of Distilling:
A Comprehensive Introduction

Anthony Chiappetta

Discover the secrets of distillation and why it's an essential skill for the post-apocalyptic world in our exclusive class, "Unlock the Art of Distilling." Delve into the depths of Federal and State legality surrounding distillation, as well as a thorough exploration of feed stocks, grain alternatives, and the intricacies of mashing and fermentation. Learn from industry experts as we delve into the various types of stills and their applications, and gain insight into the nuanced process of separating heads, hearts, and tails. Perfect your craft with techniques for correct proofing, blending, and aging options, ensuring your spirits are of the highest quality. This immersive experience, complete with printed instructions, recipes, and PDFs, is available for just $39.98. Don't miss your chance to become a master distiller and prepare for whatever "The Day" may bring. Sign up now and secure your spot in this 1.5 to 2-hour journey into the world of distillation! 

Man Track Level 1.jpg

Man Tracking -
Basic Fundamentals

Pineland Resources
Charles Williams

To instruct personnel in how to locate, identify, and obtain information of sign from a person passing through an area and begin tracking this person. How to look and see sign and spoor that is directly linked to the person you are tracking. How to set-up a tracking team in order to track , communicate, and be situational aware of your surroundings (SA-360). Having the ability to track could save a loved one's life or help you locate unwanted trespassers on your property. Tracking is a skill, and like any other skill, it will take a lot of practice to become a good tracker. Train Hard, Fight Easy.

digital sovereignty.jpg

Digital Sovereignty
Mark 37
Sean Tarrio

The "Digital Sovereignty" class delves into the fundamental principles and practices essential for reclaiming control over personal data and digital identity in an increasingly interconnected world. Through a comprehensive exploration of privacy-enhancing technologies, encryption methods, and legislative frameworks, participants gain the tools and understanding necessary to safeguard their digital autonomy. From cultivating cybersecurity awareness to navigating the complexities of data ownership and protection, this course empowers individuals to assert their rights and assert control over their online presence. By fostering a deeper understanding of digital sovereignty, participants emerge equipped to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, integrity, and sovereignty.


Forge Your Own Knife
Valhalla Customs
Kyle Gahagan

You'll have the unique opportunity to forge your own knife under Kyle's guidance, learning the intricacies of his craft and gaining insight into the art of creating a tool that can truly make a difference when it matters most. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, Kyle's expertise and passion will inspire and guide you in crafting a knife that's as unique as it is functional.


Jay Leeper




Overhand, overhand with a loop, Tautline hitch, bowline, clove hitch, sheetbend, slip knot



Sewing, fishing, whipping rope, traps, alarms, decorations



Lashing, alarms, making nets, tie downs, decoration, measuring, finding direction, telling time, clothing, drip line


Jay Leeper


Camping, work, home, first aid, fishing, hunting, climbing, traps, signaling, Self defense


Carving a pocket model

good walking stick.webp

Jay Leeper

Length, diameter, material



Hiking, shelter, first aid, signaling, cooking, keeping records, fishing, defense, measuring, storage, carrying



Paracord, tacks, bone, antler, duct tape, fishing line, carving,


Storage, cleaning

tarp shelter.webp

Jay Leeper

useful sizes, materials, add on,



One pole, two pole, use of trees, direction, placement of fire,


Other uses

First aid, signaling, water collection, shade, privacy,


Taking care of tarp

Put away dry, clean after use, disconnect attachments

stop the bleed.jpg

Stop the Bleed/Build a First-Aid/Trauma Kit.
T3R Medical Training

A great intro and beginning to the basics of emergency and traumatic care. This class will give you the knowledge and practice to tell the Grim Reaper, “Not Today”! Learn how to treat the top THREE leading causes of preventable death while building better confidence and skills to act quickly and decisively to protect you and your loved ones.

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